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Gluten-Free Seafood Chowder

Gluten-Free Seafood Chowder

How about our newest special: Gluten-Free Seafood Chowder. People have been asking us for some gluten-free options for years; primarily chowder. I bought some brown rice flour some time ago in anticipation to get this rolling and it’s been staring at me on my desk while I worked on website stuff and other admin things. So with this new winter weather (finally) I found some extra time to get experimenting.

I love making up recipes and trying different options for our menu items. I’m sorry to say that probably less than a quarter of the things we try here every actually make it to your table. That’s mostly because we just eat it up so quickly and selfishly hoard the ingredients list in our minds. But on the flip side, every one of our recipes here (hundreds btw) is a result of trial and feedback from you all. Some of them have found their permanent spots and others could use more work…like this chowder I mentioned. It’s made with gluten-free brown rice flour, fresh haddock, calamari, chopped clams, scallops and teenie little shrimp.

It’s received some fantastic reviews from the adventurous eaters here and earned itself a spot on our specials list at least for the rest of January.  You can order it online here for takeout or delivery or call 774-202-2819.

-Chef Jesse James

*update: Entered in the 2016 New Bedford Chowder and won first place by a panel of judges in the blind taste testing AND second place by votes from the 2500+ visitors!

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