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Temporary change

Hello Friends,

I hope all is well with everyone. The decision to close was very difficult for us, and is taking a toll on me personally. I could barely sleep last night. Our family has had deep roots in New Bedford for over 100 years and I spent hours thinking about how we could help our community during this difficult time. The biggest challenge is keeping our team and patrons away from the risk of affecting themselves or anyone around them.

Our initial intention was to continually provide quality meals and drinks to our loyal patrons. However, this past weekend opened our eyes to the need for change.

We were overwhelmed with the demand.

The result was counterproductive to all the attempts at social distancing. Our takeout area was packed with people so closely that they touched each other. Our delivery drivers were put at risk entering so many homes by request. Drivers from the thrid party sites like UberEats and DoorDash waited among our patient guests. And our kitchen was so surprisingly busy that the wait for food reached an unprecedented 90 minutes.

Even though we have closed for regular business, we want to continue to offer food and service to those who have trusted us for so many years to do just that. We’ve been brainstorming ideas and developed the following possibilities for pre-order days in advance:

1. Prepared family trays to cook at home.
2. Hot meals scheduled for different pick-up times on certain days or delivered only to a doorstep.
3. Bulk food items (chicken breast, seafood, ground beef) that may be more easily accessible through our food vendors
4. Necessities such as toilet tissue or paper towels.
5. Bottled water
6. Guidance on how to prepare enjoyable meals at home

Please tell us in the comments below what could make this time easier and safer for you.

Jesse DeSouza, Co-Owner & Head Chef

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Clam Cakes Full of Clams!

clam cakes new bedford south dartmouth seafood online order delivery restaurant cove surf and turf

Have you ever said “I wish there were clams in these clam cakes!” when tearing open one of those fritters at your favorite seafood joint? Well, here at Cove Surf and Turf, NOBODY says that because we load our clam cakes with so many fresh chopped clams that we actually can’t fit any more in. When we opened in 2014, people said our clam cakes were the clammiest they’d ever seen anywhere. We like compliments, so we made them clammier.

Come to Cove Surf and Turf in the South End of New Bedford and sit on the patio, at a picnic table or in a cozy booth indoors to enjoy our crispy, fresh-made clam cakes loaded with so many clams that you’ll think you ordered a fried clam plate. Does it get any better? Yes. If you want to stay in tonight with a pile of our super-filled clam cakes and dip them in some homemade tartar sauce or malt vinegar, then call 774-202-2819 for DELIVERY to South Dartmouth or the south and west end of New Bedford. Yeah, we do that too. You could even order clam cakes online.

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Steamers and New England Clam Boils at Cove Surf and Turf

new england clam boil new bedford south dartmouth delivery takeout seafood restaurant

Back into clam boil season at Cove Surf and Turf in New Bedford. We’re excited to have Maine softshell clams available for our guests! Popular demand brought them back to the restaurant sooner than the planned Memorial Day weekend launch, and they’ve surely been welcomed. New England clam boils at Cove Surf and Turf are a favorite among patrons from New Bedford, Fairhaven and Dartmouth because, as we’re frequently told, they’re delicious and so clean.

Our steamers are carefully washed in a water bath made from sea salt during the first day of delivery; and we get three to six deliveries of fresh seafood each week. There’s a lot of prep involved to provide quality, clean clam boils. After about ten hours of constant cleaning, the clams are ready for the next step where they’re combined with locally-made linguica, sausage, all-beef hot dog, red potatoes, a fresh ear of sweet corn on the cob and a soft onion. Each order is steamed in clam juice, garlic, beer and different spices to provide an intense flavor and a great broth. Finished with a cup of real butter for dipping, our clam boils and steamers are sure to satisfy the adventurous diner looking to try something new and the seafood connoisseur alike.

What makes them even better than all that? Our restaurant delivers New England clam boils and steamers to South Dartmouth and most of New Bedford!

Order yours here!

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Gluten-Free Seafood Chowder

Gluten-Free Seafood Chowder

How about our newest special: Gluten-Free Seafood Chowder. People have been asking us for some gluten-free options for years; primarily chowder. I bought some brown rice flour some time ago in anticipation to get this rolling and it’s been staring at me on my desk while I worked on website stuff and other admin things. So with this new winter weather (finally) I found some extra time to get experimenting.

I love making up recipes and trying different options for our menu items. I’m sorry to say that probably less than a quarter of the things we try here every actually make it to your table. That’s mostly because we just eat it up so quickly and selfishly hoard the ingredients list in our minds. But on the flip side, every one of our recipes here (hundreds btw) is a result of trial and feedback from you all. Some of them have found their permanent spots and others could use more work…like this chowder I mentioned. It’s made with gluten-free brown rice flour, fresh haddock, calamari, chopped clams, scallops and teenie little shrimp.

It’s received some fantastic reviews from the adventurous eaters here and earned itself a spot on our specials list at least for the rest of January.  You can order it online here for takeout or delivery or call 774-202-2819.

-Chef Jesse James

*update: Entered in the 2016 New Bedford Chowder and won first place by a panel of judges in the blind taste testing AND second place by votes from the 2500+ visitors!